29 Jul 2014

American boy - Estelle

American boy - Estelle
Let's say that lately I have been taking the whole blogging thing a bit lightly because it's summer, we are all (or we will soon be) on holiday, you have better stuff to do than waste time reading my posts and so... well, that's the excuse I'm using to justify the neglecting of my blog in the last days. But I'm here, don't worry! Even if I miss a day here and there, things are going to keep on going on!
Yesterday I had some friends over at my grandma's and we had a great time with the swimming pool, grilled meat and everything! Of course my day has been quite full and I forgot to post... and then we come to today (that is actually yesterday already), when I had to go to the hospital to book a wisdom teeth surgery (and it took me all morning), then going here and there I got distracted again and I'm here just now... but I'm here with a good post methinks!
Driving towards the building of the hospital I have taken the way I used to take to go to (high) school with my car during my last year of it. I had my summer playlist playing in the car and then this song turned up! It really brought back a lot of memories, as I used to listen to it in the summer just before the beginning of the last year of high school... and yesterday I was talking with my friends about past times, how things used to be, how much they have changed and, well... probably it's just being a kind of nostalgic period for me, especially now that I am slowly (but not that much, really) realising that the school chapter(s) of my life has(/ve) ended... good thing is that I'll keep my great memories!

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