11 Jul 2014

Amsterdam (live at Lollapalooza Brazil) - Imagine Dragons

Amsterdam (live) - Imagine Dragons
Aaand here we are again! Amsterdaaaam! I should have been arrived by now (I'm writing this in advance) after a (finally) 'decent-houred' flight in the middle of the day! I hope the travel has been smooth and the weather is nice (well, that might be a bit unlikely), we'll see... I have been thinking about how to post something related to the city, but the only two songs that come to my mind have been here already... yet I really want to post this one by Imagine Dragons and I can't find a decent remix or a decent live version... what to do? The only decent version I found is this live at Lollapalooza Brazil recorded last April! Happy Amsterdam!

EDIT: I have not arrived, actually I'm at the airport in front of my gate waiting to climb on the plane, but this makes sense still!

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