26 Jul 2014

Video games - Lana del Rey

Video games - Lana del Rey
Funny story... I was about to post another Lana song, one that I thought about yesterday and then, after writing the first half of the post about it, I mentioned a purchase I made today and, well... I realised that Video games made much much more sense with the story of this post, so here it is! Down here is the second half of the supposed-to-be-another-song's post, other song which will be featured here soon, don't worry!
Well, to make the day and the post a bit happier I'll share with you the news that I bought a new baby! Yeah, you find them in supermarkets now! Jokes apart, I made my final purchase decision after a few weeks of thinking and, well, I brought home a PSP. Quite anachronistic, isn't it? Well, with loads of games selling at 10€ I couldn't resist... and now that I'm playing Tekken on mobile devices too, no one can stop me!

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