16 Jul 2014

Brooklyn baby - Lana del Rey

Brooklyn Baby - Lana del Rey
Hello there! I am really enjoying my summer now! In the last 24 hours I have enjoyed the sunshine a lot! Since I came back from Amsterdam, I have placed myself on the lounger and have been sunbathing like crazy! My bathing-suit mark from Valencia had almost disappeared due to this shitty summer, so I need to get a little bit of colour! And it finally looks like I'm gonna be able to, at least for a few days before I leave for Croatia! And with sunbathing comes music of course: I was listening to Patti Smith yesterday when my parents asked for something more enjoyable and known to them, so I suggested Lana del Rey and they agreed and here we are! (That's a lie, I have been waiting to post this one for days, it's just that other songs came first!!)

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