31 Jul 2014

Old money - Lana del Rey

Old money - Lana del Rey
Hello there, my readers! Today I'm posting another song I got on my mind yesterday, and also another one whose lyrics made me think (and laugh a bit, especially thinking about a Facebook group...). The theme is quite the same as yesterday's, with Lana singing of a person ready to leave everything and run to the beloved one in every moment, a beloved one that doesn't seem to correspond the sentiment though... sad story.
So, the time has finally come for this song! The introduction here above, I had already written it a few days ago, when I ended up posting Video games. Of course today I'm late with posting again, I promise I'll do my best to improve under this point of view (but being in summer and having no restraints nor timetables, I tend to live my life at night...). This song has been growing in me on the sly until I started finding myself pleased and happy when it started and singing it as it went on, almost even without remembering its title and the lyrics. As mentioned already, the 'loving someone with no ifs and no buts' theme makes its appearance here once again, and maybe this is one good reason why I can relate to it and I ended up liking it... I think it actually went on to become one of my Ultraviolence favs, so I'm sure you're all gonna enjoy it!
PS: Another goal reached yesterday that I forgot to notice! We reached 300 posts with yesterday's and, well, thinking about it, the next hundred target is gonna happen after the first birthday of the blog! Sounds exciting, ain't it?

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