30 Jul 2014

Left hand free - Alt-J

Left hand free - Alt-J
Here we are again! I'll draw on the inspiration of the past few days for the post of today and, given that I have been listening to Alt-J (but to their debut album, not this one to be true) while driving to the airport to pick up my parents coming back from Sardinia and, well, it started right now too!
Yesterday I forgot to celebrate for the reaching of a thousand +1s on Google Plus, so I'll do that now! Thank you all for following and appreciating my posts, I am very grateful!
Back to music, this is gonna be the first single (or second? I still haven't fully understood the whole Hunger of the pine issue...) out of the upcoming Alt-J album. They say it's the least Alt-J song they have written and that their label wanted them to have a catchy song as a single for the launch of the album. Well, be it so. This is a lecture of how to be catchy and still true to yourself, in my opinion! Hope you enjoy!

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