5 Jul 2014

Heart of steel - Lykke Li

Heart of steel - Lykke Li
Hello dear readers and followers! Finally a sunny day again, it has been so so different from yesterday, like from November to June in 8 hours! That's good, and yeah, I can't complain for this heat now, it's not "julyish" yet but it is very enjoyable (unfortunately it won't last most probably...). Another disappointing day in the World Cup for now, bad matches and bad teams that keep going on and on, but that's it... More good sport news coming from F1, with JB scoring P3 in his home GP with his pink helmet to remember his father, it was a pretty nice image, let's see now how the race will go tomorrow!
About music, I can't keep posting songs I have already posted, but I'm in a bit of an obsessive mood in these days and so I'm just picking from the "currently second best" category, which is still a great picking, don't mistake me!

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