7 Jul 2014

Today I feel sure - Pilot Speed

Today I feel sure - Pilot Speed
Today I am done with getting acquainted with Pilot Speed's albums, ending my 'scholastic' 10 listens to Wooden Bones. Today I am keeping on with the stronger and stronger obsession with my new playlist, which they are a (good) part of. Today I am already working on the Figure 2 of my July playlist, which is going to feature them again. Today I have been going to the city center to take advantage of the sales, with mixed success (I found the t-shirt I was looking for with a 2€ discount... didn't find the right size of the bathing suit). Today it started pouring rain minutes after I came back home. Today I decided I'm not gonna go to Milan until tomorrow. Today I decided to post a song that is in neither of the two July playlists I have been compiling. Today I feel sure.

(Today I am compelled to link to Groovershark again as YouTube isn't helping me at all... Today I feel sure)

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