24 Jul 2014

Take me to church - Hozier

Take me to church - Hozier
Guess who forgot to post yesterday? Yes, that's me (again)! Well... I'm not even really justified by the fact that I'm away from home, as yesterday was a really lazy day, we didn't do any excursion or visit. At one point I wanted to go to the beach in the early afternoon but the sky got full of clouds and a few drops fell, thus totally discouraging me and putting me to sleep...
Today has been much better, we have been to Trsteno to visit the arboretum where some other Game of Thrones scenes were shot. The place is very nice by itself and we were also able to identify a few spots where they shot some scenes! The whole experience was beautified with a very nice bath in the sea just below the arboretum. It's a pity that the Croatian coast is so rocky, as I like sand much better, but it was nice anyway.
Tomorrow is already time to go back home, but not before a brief introduction of today's song: I just learned about the existence of Hozier and this song, like 10 minutes ago. Elisa (a popular Italian singer) suggested it on her Facebook page, I watched the video and... well, it's here already! Like the song, love the video, really worth a view (or two)! His first, eponymous album will be released in September.

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