18 Nov 2014

I lived - OneRepublic

I lived - OneRepublic
Sooo here I am! Nice gig last nice, but the critiques first: I know, I expected a setlist filled with songs out of Native (it's called Native tour), but this doesn't change the fact that I have been a bit disappointed with the setlist itself, as I didn't grow very fond of it, even more than one year after its release. There are a very few songs that I really like and are up to the (very, very high) standard they set with their first two albums, and I enjoyed them (a lot) during the concert. One of them is this I lived, their latest single and one of the most liked songs by the audience. Most of the other songs they played out of Native left me with a ... meeeh feeling. I mean, ok, nice, but insipid, tasteless, they didn't leave a mark on me. Apart from that, Ryan is a great great singer, the guys play greatly, so nothing to say on their qualities and on the set. Just... choose better songs next time!

Milan audience 17.11.2014

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