3 Nov 2014

Paranoid and sunburnt medley (Rise up - 100 ways to be a good girl - Little baby swastikkka) - Skunk Anansie

Paranoid and sunburnt medley -
Skunk Anansie
Going on with the few songs worth posting from my recent playlists, tonight I want to feature Skin's band on the blog, as I have been recently listening to their debut album recently and well... I didn't really fall in love with it, but with time I came to like a few songs on it. It is really hard for me to pick one representative, as there is no one song that stood out among the ones featured on the album, so I decided... why not pick up a few of them? Let's experiment a bit with non-standard posting!

Rise up - this one is probably my favourite song on the album in terms of melody and music, so it deserves a mention here.

100 ways to be a good girl is the choice in terms of lyrics ("I know 100 ways to be a good girl, still I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone").

Little baby swastikkka lays a bit in between, it struck me because of the strength of the message it carries, and it is also musically catchy at one point.

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