11 Nov 2014

White teeth teens - Lorde

White teeth teens - Lorde
Tough day today! Got to the hospital early in the morning (too early for my sleeping time, I got something like 3 hours of sleep) to have my wisdom teeth removed. All of them. Yay! Luckily enough I've been the first one in of the three people that were there, so soon into the operating room, and soon out, around lunchtime. It's not been very comfortable since that, with ice on my cheeks (especially on the left one, that damn bastard below that caused all this fuss), no eating, no sleeping... well the worst part of it all has been all the blood flooding from the stitched up cuts, now I feel like a real vampire and I'm not sure I'm glad about it! Finally I got home in the afternoon, took a nice sleep until now and also the blood is starting to stop flooding. Guess that the next thing I need to "worry about" is the balloon face that I'm gonna get in the next few days, but... there's nothing I can do! The weirdest thing is that they warned me I could have had a few problems with lips sensitivity as one of the teeth was close to the nerve; yet what I got since I came out of the operating room is a tingling in my left pinkie... hope it's gonna turn out well!
For Lorde White teeth teens are out, for my white teen teeth are out. We each have our own!

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