9 Nov 2014

#sundayrevival Believe - Cher

Believe - Cher
Well... this is gonna be one of the most enjoyed sundayrevivals I think, especially by those pop and dance lovers out there who never despise a nice good song from the 90s! I have been developing my relationship with Cher especially thanks to my thesis: my knowledge of her songs moved from just this one and Strong enough (which are so similar I tend to swap them) to something more, as I am now approaching (one of) her best of collection(s). I mentioned my thesis because one of the things I'm most proud about it is that I have inserted a screenshot of the price category division of one of hers concerts in the US. And of course at the top of the image there is her, wearing a police-hat. I mean, how cool is it to have a sorta S&M Cher in your master thesis?!

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