8 Nov 2014

Staring at the sun - Anastacia

Will I ever post this? I've been wondering that for a long time until... now (well, a few minutes ago) I found out that the video for this song HAD been actually released! I've been waiting for it for the longest time!! I can't believe that us fans didn't get no notification of the release of the video, which in fact has very few views on YouTube too... Ok, I must admit it, the video itself ain't great, but at least it would've been nice to know it was out there... anyway, after months (and I'm not joking, it's really been since that time last summer when I told you that I had many songs ready for posting) of having this one as draft, it is finally ready to go out! Well, it won't mind waiting a few hours more, as I have just published the last post about Sheppard, so this will see the light a short while after the time of writing, hope you enjoy the song, it's quite great, video... well, it's meh, but let's say it can be liked.

Well, a little more time has past, as I also posted the Adam Lambert song this (yesterday, actually) afternoon. But FINALLY the time has come for Anastacia!! Let's go!!

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