2 Nov 2014

#sundayrevival Everybody's changing - Keane

Everybody's changing - Keane
After a few weeks of super strong commitment to the thesis, the time is right for letting go a little bit: everything seems to be good in my paper and more than a week before the deadline I only have to write a couple of conclusion pages and check that everything works smoothly! It feels like going back to normality a bit, usual Sunday with the family at grandma's... it's so weird, especially in these months of limbo, being not a student anymore but nothing else yet either, so many changes expected to happen in the next future under the professional point of view... and not only, changes are probably gonna happen in other fields too. I am a bit shocked when I come to think that my whole life will most likely change in the next year, roots ripped off the ground and well... I'm been subconsciously getting ready for that for quite a bit now, but thinking straight about it still makes me feel a bit of.... anguish. It's what I want anyway, a fresh start is something I could use and I'm ready, I will be ready...! In the end change is the only constant of life and you can never take things for granted too much, lucky me that I am usually able to fit into new situations quite quickly! Thinking about it, an album called "Hopes & Fears" works perfectly for today, and so does this (great great) song on it!

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