1 Nov 2014

Yellow flicker beat - Lorde

Yellow flicker beat - Lorde
I guess you can say I feel good again by the fact that my posting has trespassed yet again, this time not only the limit of the 24h solar day, but also of the month! Screw that, posting at this time is the best, even if it gets less interaction, it's more genuine, it's me at my most active! Well, maybe not really...! Now I'm feeling quite sleepy... but I know what to post, I've been knowing for a while and, well... it's one of these awesome times in life when all pieces of the puzzle fall into their place! I think I've been telling myself at least 3 or 4 times: "Hey, come on! You didn't even post Yellow flicker beat yet! It's well about time..." and well, today is just about time. Perfection stemmed from the fact that I have just finished (re)-watching Catching fire with my friend E, so what better moment? (Keep into account that I have created the fourth playlist since this song came to me, so it waited quite a while!)

"This is the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart"

EDIT: Updated with official music video (which is awesoooome)!

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