17 Nov 2014

Take to the sky (Russia) - Tori Amos

Take to the sky (Russia) - Tori Amos
Well, it's concert day today! And, guess what? I'm not posting about OneRepublic...! I sure will have more chances to share with you a couple of my favourite songs of them, but today I'll give you something different. I just got pervaded with a need to listen to this song, have no idea why or how. Well, it's Tori, I won't even wonder, her songs are so powerful that you don't need logical reasons to feel connected to them, you just do. I just do, at least.
This is one of my favourite Tori songs, one of the first she has ever written I believe, it was on the original setlist of Little earthquakes but was then removed (together with Flying dutchman) after the record label asked her to work on a few more songs for her debut album. I mean, how could any sane-of-heart-and-mind person want this song out of an album? It is one of the mysteries of the music history, thanks goodness we got the chance to enjoy it anyway, as it ended up being a b-side for Winter and then was featured again on A piano: the collection! I've had the luck to listen to it live during my first Tori concert in 2010, and then she did it again this past June. I can never get enough of this song, it really does take me to the sky. It will take you too, I'm sure!

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