23 Nov 2014

#sundayrevival Sono il tuo sogno eretico - Caparezza

Sono il tuo sogno eretico - Caparezza
Almost got to 2000 +1s on the blog, this is the 400th post... loads of milestones reached in these days! To celebrate I will do something I don't do often, i.e. post Italian music. I was about to get into the shower a couple days ago and I was picking the music to listen to, when my eyes fell on a playlist I made about the time when I went to Stockholm with my friends in March 2011. Playing the songs in random order, this is the first one that turned out. It's probably my favourite song by Caparezza, an Italian (kind of) rapper. I will start by saying that I don't like rap, it quite bothers me on average, but Caparezza is not the "standard" kind of rapper, his songs have more melodic elements even in the verses and, well... don't give me headaches! His lyrics are just genius, so brilliant, can't help loving them. He's one of the few Italian singers I listen to gladly, have been to one concert of his too and... well he's just great! I hope you can appreciate this song, it's an awesome one out of his 2011 album and it talks about historical figures (such as Joan of Arc & Giordano Bruno) who went on to be burned at the stake by the church in middle ages because of their beliefs and theories. The great thing about it is that he plays on the assonance of heretic and erotic, as the title of the song in English would be something like "I'm your heretic dream". Just great.

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