31 Mar 2014

Cortez the killer - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Cortez the killer - Neil Young &
Crazy Horse
I've been pretty doubtful today about which song to post, there are a few that fit but no one of them is screaming to be posted. So to be coherent with this, I will just post a song that has not been screaming to me but that I kind of grew a liking for. Actually this happened with the whole album this song belongs to. I've been listening to it lately in my path throughout Neil Young's discography and I must say it's the one that stroke me the least, not that I like it less than all the others, it's just that no song on it stuck in my mind. This is probably the one that struck me the most among them, especially due to my passion for Aztecs and pre-Colombian history, but being quite long it is kind of not-so-catchy. Anyway, it seemed fair to me to give at least a little room to this album on here, so here we are!


  1. Believe me, after you listen to it again and again, then hear it live on "Weld" it will stick with you forever.

  2. I must say that since I posted it here my liking for it has just been growing, but I didn't listen to it live yet, I will now! Thanks for the advice! :)