24 Mar 2014

Just can't get enough - Nouvelle Vague

Just can't get enough -
Nouvelle Vague
I got to know Nouvelle Vague last November... you might remember the 10 days of hell when I've been scheduling my posts in advance, one of the destinations of my wandering (the first one actually) was Avignon, where I took part in the Forum of Culture. Well, the Forum organized a concert for us and Nouvelle Vague were the star there! The dinner got me busy for quite a long time, so I could only get there at the end of the concert, yet I really enjoyed the last bits I could experience and decided to listen to them on CD too. I have been devoting some time to their first album lately and I must say I am not as impressed as I have been with the live, but I must admit they are very good for background music! And little by little something is growing inside me: this morning I woke up with this song in my head and so here is the post for today!

Just to give a little background to those of you who don't know them, Nouvelle Vague are a French band covering old rock songs in Bossa Nova style (or New Wave). Just can't get enough is a cover of Depeche Mode.

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