24 Mar 2014

Inhaler - Foals

I know, I know, the greatest shame should be on me for leaving the blog to itself for the whole weekend, my sincerest apologies! It has been a very intense weekend, with a very nice trip to Stonehenge! We left with the train saturday at about lunchtime after trying in vain to rent a car. After
Inhaler - Foals
the bad start, the whole trip got a good vibe and we really enjoyed (yes, even the mini hail storm we got while walking around the circle of stones will remain stuck in my mind for ages to come)! I have not been listening to much music during the weekend, also I am late for the sundayrevival. Yet there is one song that came to my mind for no reason I can explain, and I thought about posting it sooner already. I remember flooding the blog with Foals songs just after I started it when I went to their concert and then, as promised, I stopped posting songs of theirs. Maybe I stopped for too long...! This is the one that came to my mind today in the train, so I'll share it with you and hope you will enjoy it! Have a good start of the week!

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