10 Mar 2014

L'alleanza - Carmen Consoli

Again, this is not something I usually do. No, I don't mean the posting in the middle of the night, that
L'alleanza - Carmen Consoli
happens often! I mean posting Italian music. But, you know... even if generally I am not (at all) a fan of Italian music, there are these few artists that I dare say are really worth it. One of them is Carmen: many people don't like her because her songs are oftentimes quite sad, depressing, intense... they picture the bad things of life, all the fake imaginary that we picture in our heads, the things that don't work about society, mental problems, obsessions, life problems... Well ok, I know now you will not have any willingness to listen to her whatsoever, but her vivid picturing of all-things-life are also the reason why her fans love her and can relate so deeply to her songs. And some songs are also connoted with more serene themes such as remembrance and love. Anyway, this is not one of her most famous songs, nor one of my absolute favourites; yet it is one that I really like and stumbling upon it a short time ago made me want to post about it! L'alleanza means The alliance and the song talks about a love/hate relationship and lays down the need for us to survive every relationship, keeping our mental sanity. Nice one, isn't it?

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