5 Mar 2014

Mirror - Ellie Goulding

Mirror - Ellie Goulding
My obsession with The Hunger Games has been going on for about a month now and it's gonna keep on going for a good while still (I just started reading the last book of the trilogy, so I'm still 1/3 away from the end of the story). I must say it's really addictive...! Both the movies and the books don't let you forget about them until you're at the end, and watching the second movie halfway through the second book confused things a little bit, but now that I've finished the book I'd like to watch the movie again 'cos I think I didn't get completely some parts the first time.
Anyway, this current obsession of mine aside, the films are quite good and so are the books. And so is the soundtrack of Catching Fire (the second chapter of the trilogy). I was a bit disappointed by the fact that most of the songs are not featured in the movie nor in the ending titles, but this doesn't diminish the value of the music. This is the last song I've been obsessed with that still hasn't found its place on the blog (it's finding it now!), so it's kind of a closure for me, even if I'm still almost one book (and one movie obviously) away from the end of the series. I'll keep you updated...!

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