30 Mar 2014

#sundayrevival Season change - Anastacia

Season change - Anastacia
I've been waiting for the right moment to post this one for more than a week now, actually since my last Anastacia post. This is a real revival, as I've been listening to (and loving) this song for more than 10 years (the album has actually just celebrated its 10th birthday yesterday!). Anastacia has been one of the first albums I've ever bought and one of the few I have really worn out in my teenage years. Season change is probably the song I still love the most, but a great part of this album is like tattooed at the basis of my music tastes. It just seems fair to give it a tribute in this sunny and warm day of spring, exactly now when Anastacia has fought against and won against breast cancer again, like she did at the time this album came out! This is to spring and to being strong! Happy sunday!

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