9 Mar 2014

#sundayrevival Maria - Blondie

Maria - Blondie
I found material for this week's #sundayrevival two days ago, while thinking for a song to post. I was practicing harmonica, trying out some tabs that I saved and this song was one of the "guinea-pigs" I used to test my skills and the sound (and it was not one of the most pleasant experiments of the night, I can assure you). I then listened to the song to make it up, as it is actually one of my favourites and it has been in my heart for a long time. It actually brought to know Blondie a little better (still not enough, but somehow better!). And it is one of these awesome songs that remind me of my childhood, I don't know exactly why, I can't connect it with any particular event, but it just gives me the pleasant feeling of remembering good memories...!* And it is not something insignificant... actually this reminds me (once again, if it were ever necessary) of the huge power that music has in affecting our mood, our thoughts, our behaviours, our decisions and... our life in general!
So, I wish you a happy sunday!

*Funny fact is that I'm pretty sure that I thought the singer was a male and the name Blondie unsettled me a little, especially when I then found out Call me and was sure that it was a woman singing that one. It is all sorted now, sorry Debbie!

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