16 Mar 2014

#sundayrevival See the sun - Dido

See the sun - Dido
Today I spent a very beautiful sunny day with my "colleagues" (let's say friends) on Exmouth beach, playing volleyball with bare feet in the sand, under a timidly warm sun, lashed by a chilly wind (which brought gray and gloomy clouds in the end). Yet my face is a little bit burning, which is a thing I can only be grateful for: coming to England I was ready to face the worse and I didn't expect to get the chance to enjoy such spring-like weather (at least not so often). Thinking about the sun theme for my #sundayrevival, the first song that came to my mind was this and I think it is actually a perfect match: British singer, the chance to see the sun again, hope and expectations for the future while living in a pretty uncertain present... well that's me! And so it is, enjoy the sunshine (if you are so lucky to get some of it) and Dido and let's hope that summer is gonna come soon!

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