15 Mar 2014

Get lucky - San Cisco (Daft Punk cover)

Get lucky - San Cisco
Of course I didn't double post yesterday, I kinda knew it, but the good news is that I already have the song for today! And, being even more in the weekend, it works perfectly! Saturday night, party time again and this time it's partying up all night, with my wish for all of you to get lucky!
This is how I got to know San Cisco: Matthew Mitcham (the Australian diver) posted on Facebook this cover they made of Daft Punk's success Get Lucky and I was kind of (a lot) into the song at the time. I immediately clicked on this and voilĂ , the magic world of San Cisco opened up to me! My love for them has only risen since then, I bought their CD on Amazon a few weeks ago but I've been listening to them since last summer, they are awesome and if you still didn't get to love them, listen to this and follow my path! Enjoy San Cisco, enjoy your saturday night and get lucky!

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