28 Mar 2014

Summertime sadness - Lana del Rey

Summertime sadness - Lana del Rey
Wow, I was thinking about making a double post today but I really had no idea that I would post this song! I was quite sure it was one of the first Lana del Rey songs I posted on the blog, instead... I was wrong!
I have been waiting for this moment quite a while: the time has come when I was listening to the same song that was being played in the office in the meanwhile. I was actually quite confident it would've happened before, but I had to wait until today. The song I'm talking about is of course this one, and the fact that I still hadn't posted it makes me think that my feeling of universal alignment, of being on the right way when these thinks happen, is not so wrong! Anyway, I'm gonna end quickly this stupid and confused post, just enjoy the song! Cheers!

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