18 Mar 2014

Reunion - The XX

Reunion - The XX
In deciding to post a song by The XX today I realised I haven't been posting anything by them since last year! That's such a long time! This reminds me that the blog has been going on for quite a while now! I'm very happy about it, I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep on going, instead finding a little time everyday to write here is almost always a pleasure (and sometimes a rush against time)! I really hope you've been enjoying the music until now and that you'll (keep) enjoy(ing) in the future!
Back to the XX. Today I'm posting (for the first time!) a song by their second album, Coexist. It's funny, 'cause I have started listening to them when both of their current albums were already out, so it wasn't really supposed to make a difference for me between them: similar style, similar genre, similar quality level of the music (?)... And instead it did (and does) make a difference. I don't know when it happened, but I drew a line between them and I have always had a kind of preference towards the first one, still, even if one could not tell at a "glance" if a song belongs to XX or to Coexist. Anyway, even with all my psychoses about the whole matter, I love Coexist too. And this is one of the little creatures I love the most. Maybe its own title might be the key to re-unite the two albums, who knows?

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