1 Mar 2014

Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons

Ups and downs (did I start another post like this? well, whatever...). Ups and downs. Life is full of them, but who-knows-why the downs are the ones we always (or at least often) pay much more attention to. Or at least I do. Maybe I still didn't find a way to recognise the ups, to notice when they're happening, to enjoy them at the fullest. Or maybe they just didn't happen (yet). Not with the same strength as the downs. Well, I don't wanna say that I wanna throw my life in the toilet, not at all. It's just... sometimes I'd like to feel a little happy too. One positive thing I must say is that being a little bit depressed is super fit with the British atmosphere and environment! I'll just picture these moments in my mind and I'll smile when I'll be looking back at them in the merry future that is awaiting me. If it just stopped being future and started being present...

Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
I must confess that I had many ideas for the song of today, this one was not one of them, but events brought me to change my plans (as usual). I was also thinking of a new-format post, but I decided it's not the right time for it (yet). For the time being just enjoy the time you have in this life in the best way possible.

Your time will come  
If you wait for it  
If you wait for it  
It's hard, believe me  
I've tried  
But I keep coming up short  

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