13 Mar 2014

Gale song - The Lumineers

Gale song - The Lumineers
"And there was a time when I stood in line
for love, for love, for love.
But I let you go, oh,
I let you go."

You might have noticed an abundance of Catching Fire soundtrack posts on the blog lately. You might say "Well, I've had enough!" (please doon't!). Be happy, 'cause it's (almost?) over. Well, I've practically posted almost all of them! You might as well say "Give me more! I love it!" (I'd love it!). Well, again, I'm sorry but I almost posted the whole album and I don't have many songs left. But don't worry! In the meanwhile you can enjoy this great one (and maybe one or two more will come, who knows?).
The Lumineers... weird relationship (again) between me and some music. Their genre is one I've been getting really close to, especially in the last couple of years, but the (super successful) song that got them famous, Ho hey (or whatever)... I've never come to like it. Or, at least, I've liked it, just liked it, some rare times I've listened to it, but I didn't really come to peace with it. And that's (probably) a pity, 'cos this brought me not to listen to their debut album (yet), making it a potential great loss of good music for me. But here comes Catching Fire and the fact that in it I ended up loving (much) more the songs I didn't expect to (and less the ones I was expecting). And this little thing here is no exception! It took me a little while to appreciate it fully, but I really do love the lyrics and the whole song too. You can't really get the sense of it without knowing the Hunger Games plot: Gale is the "best friend" of the protagonist, Katniss, and there is a friend/lover relationship going on between them (SPOILER I'm halfway through the third and last book and I still don't know how it's gonna end!). Gale stayed home while Katniss went to the Hunger Games and developed a friend/lover relationship with another guy, thus messing up the whole thing, like it only happens in books and movies (or maybe not). Anyway I think the lyrics and Gale's story are very touching, so don't miss this one out!

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