20 Mar 2014

Teenage hustling - Tori Amos

Teenage hustling - Tori Amos
"Dirty girl". Two words were enough to send my mind directly to Tori's "trashest" album (to date). When my Spanish colleague H. was ironically commenting on her dress of today mentioning these two words, I didn't even realise how or when or how long it took, I just noticed my mind going like "ah ya ah - a dirtai giirl". And I knew I couldn't help it and I knew what I would be going to listen in the morning. 'Cause I am a little bit (just a little bit! just a little bit!) trashy myself, and even if many people consider this one of the lowest points of Tori's career (and it probably is), I am (weirdfully) [lots of neologisms today!] able to enjoy it too. I was actually thinking about posting some other song from the album, but what the hell? This is the one I had in mind, and this is the one I'm gonna post!

You better know, you better know, you better kno-oh-ow
I'm at your door, I'm at your door, I'm at your do-oh-or.

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